Navigating Our Way Towards a World Without Greenwashing

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Today, nearly every company claims a position on sustainability – as they should. From countless stats to catchy headlines, though, it can be tricky for a professional or consumer to sift through what's real and what's noise. How can you be sure a company is earnest in their efforts to better our world? How can you be sure real action and progress is being made? What are the red flags and questions to ask to fact check and unveil the truth? And, most importantly, how can your informed decisions contribute to necessary, and critical, improvement?

In this webinar, Roddy Clarke, Design Writer for The Financial Times and Forbes, and Jane Abernethy, CSO at Humanscale, will take a deep dive into the art of navigating through a world of greenwashing, the power of transparent communication, and the steps to take in understanding a company's true impact.

Following the 45–minute discussion, there will be a 15–minute live Q&A.

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Our Experts

Roddy Clarke - Design Writer, Consultant and Speaker

Roddy Clarke

Design Writer, Consultant and Speaker

A graduate of Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Roddy Clarke is a design writer looking at the social and environmental impacts of design.

With a background in restoration, Roddy covers topics such as circularity, responsible design and the presence of traditional craft in a contemporary society.

Contributing to titles such as The Financial Times and Forbes, Roddy also consults with brands to help them navigate their way to a greener future through transparent and honest communication.

Jane Abernethy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Humanscale

Jane Abernethy

Chief Sustainability Officer, Humanscale

As Humanscale's Chief Sustainability Officer, Jane leads the company's efforts to create a net positive impact through both its products and operations. Collaborating closely with company executives as well as designers and engineers, Jane guides the development process to help create the most sustainable products possible. An industrial designer by trade, Jane spent over a decade working and leading design teams through the development of new products prior to her role as CSO. Her experience ranges from sporting goods to medical devices to furniture.

Jane often shares dialogue around sustainable product design and manufacturing at a variety of conferences and events globally, including Greenbuild, World Ocean Conference, and more. She recently applied her expertise as a curator for RECKONstruct, the US Pavilion at the XXII Triennale de Milano International Exhibition: Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival.

Jane's work has also been recognized internationally, including the prestigious Red Dot award and the GB&D Women in Sustainability Leadership Award. Under her leadership, Humanscale has been recognized as the first manufacturer to achieve the complete Living Product Challenge and is a founding member of the Next Wave Initiative.