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Antimicrobials and the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Webinar Previously Held

May 20, 2020

In the installment of the 'The New Workplace' webinar series, Jane Abernethy, Humanscale Chief Sustainability Officer, will tackle the subject of antimicrobials in the workplace. Antimicrobials have recently been touted as the go-to solution for designing germ-free offices. Though antimicrobials can be helpful, there are many details to understand before incorporating them into your workplace. Will any antimicrobial material work? Do antimicrobials contain harmful toxins? Are there other solutions that will address the problem? Following the presentation, we will open up the discussion with a live Q&A.

Our Expert

This webinar will be hosted by Jane Abernethy, an expert in sustainable materials and industrial design.

Jane Abernethy - Humanscale's Chief Sustainability Officer

Jane Abernethy

Chief Sustainability Officer, Humanscale

As Humanscale's Chief Sustainability Officer, Jane leads the company's efforts to create a net positive impact through both its products and operations. Jane collaborates across the executive, design and engineering teams to help create the most sustainable products possible. An industrial designer by trade, Jane spent over a decade working and leading design teams through the development of new products prior to her role as CSO. In this unique time of need, Jane brings her extensive knowledge around sustainable materials to advise customers on solutions for the near and long term.

Jane often shares dialogue around sustainable product design and manufacturing at a variety of conferences and events globally, including Greenbuild, World Ocean Conference, and more. Jane's work has been recognized internationally, including the prestigious Red Dot award and the GB&D Women in Sustainability Leadership Award. Under her leadership, Humanscale has been recognized as the first manufacturer to achieve the complete Living Product Challenge and is a founding member of the Next Wave Initiative.